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Purpose: This database was developed as a component of a research study funded by the Texas Higher Education Board (THECB) in an effort to identify "best practices" for recruiting and retaining minority students into the health workforce pipeline. The scope of this research includes investigation of the programs intended to address underrepresentation of minorities in a variety of health disciplines (e.g.) Allied health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and General Health and across all Pipeline levels (e.g. Kindergarten through Grade 12, Undergraduate education at both two-year and four-year institutions and Graduate education including professional degree programs).

Published vs Experiential

Published – Programs that have been identified through an extensive search of the literature as seeking to recruit and retain minorities, specifically African American and Hispanics, into the health care workforce. These programs have been published in academic and/or peer-viewed journals and periodicals, governmental and non-profit reports, cited at nationally recognized conferences for poster and/or presentation or noted in local and/or national newspapers.

Experiential – Programs that have been identified through 1) a web- based search using keywords that would most likely identify programs that recruit and retain minorities, specifically African American and Hispanic students, into the healthcare work force, 2) survey results from program administrators associated with organizations that serve minority students and 3) programs submitted based on requests for additional information

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